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Splinters, Ouch What’s Stuck?

Posted By on Oct 3, 2020

Just while you’re happily working away, you pick up something made of wood and you feel a stab of pain from your hand or finger. Little kids will immediately suck on their finger to try and force out that splinter, but older folks will squeeze it tight, trying to see exactly where it is, to push it out. Of course, the first thing one should do is to clean the area. A warm application can even soothe the area and draw out that...

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Smokey Skies & Smoke Inhalation

Posted By on Sep 24, 2020

So many forest fires have been raging in the West this year that the air quality has wavered between hazardous and very unhealthy for over eleven days. We were cautioned to not go outside or let pets outside. Many businesses closed, like drive-through coffee places or anything drive-through, as well as some big box stores. Even at the malls some of the larger stores were closed so that their workers were not exposed to the hazardous...

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Frequency is made by making more current in the body. In the case of our bodies, we need negative ions to make current. Foods that are alkaline have more current. Alkaline water can provide charge, or being near moving water such as the ocean or streams can provide negative ions. We get negative ions from thunderstorms. Walking on the grass or sand gives us access to Schumann resonances, in which the earth acts as an electromagnet,...

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Albert Einstein said that everything is made of energy. Energy is movement of electrons, negatively charged particles. Every time a chemical reaction occurs in the body, a small amount of electrical current is generated to perform bodily functions. The body uses electric currents for the brain to communicate to and from the nerves, for digestive processes, and for the heart to pump. Electric and magnetic fields also affect voltages...

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Bruises, Bumps and Tumbles

Posted By on Aug 31, 2020

As the end of summer creeps up on us, there are last minute trips to take, bike rides to pedal, and new experiences before everyone returns to school. While we would not want to expect that there are any accidents, sometimes things just happen. The best remedy for mishaps is well known, Arnica. For most injuries, or to recover from a hard day out on the trail, Arnica 30C will work. With a more serious injury, there is often more pain,...

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