Quantum Kinesiology

Quantum Kinesiology (QK) is a form of energy medicine that evaluates structural, biochemical, emotional, and energetic aspects of health using muscle testing, directly or remotely. The basic theory states that a weak or “inhibited muscle” can be used to detect underlying energetic imbalances in the body, while correction of the imbalance will strengthen the same muscle and consequently the adjacent organ.

QK relies on bioenergetic testing directly with another person or using your own body to test the energetic circuits in another person. It does not rely on strength testing muscles, as is studied in academic kinesiology. QK practitioners use muscle testing to “ask the body.” The advantage of Quantum Kinesiology is that the body knows what the best priority is to work on.

When a practitioner is guessing where there is an issue, following the pain, or trying to figure out which area to help first, the body will compensate, and not make a correction to balance itself. Quantum Kinesiology shows the priority that the body wants to balance so that beneficial adjustments and balancing will stick and hold.

QK has become a dynamic movement in healthcare in its relatively short existence since Dr. George Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology (AK) initial discoveries in 1964. Quantum Kinesiology is an exciting and rewarding field to help others strengthen and balance their bodies.


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