Frequency Healing


Frequency Healing


All energy exchanges in the body are controlled by the brain through electrical impulses. Every impulse from a nerve is an electrical signal, and electricity is electromagnetic energy. Cells exchange information and regulate body functions through small electrical currents at various frequencies. 

Each cell and organ has an optimal voltage. When the body’s electrical system becomes disrupted or is under some type of stress, healing cannot take place until the voltage is reconnected and increased. Fatigue and pain are symptoms of not having enough voltage.

By increasing the voltage, cells can sustain themselves and be renewed. Increasing the signal increases voltage. This increases the energy in an area and helps the immune system do its job by strengthening the circulation system and the perineural system of lymph throughout the body. 

To maintain health, cells need a voltage of -20 mV. To regenerate new cells, the cell requires a higher voltage of -50mV. As voltage drops below -20mV, one first experiences fatigue. If the voltage drops further, more significant health problems develop. All diseases show some disorder of the electrical system.

How to Increase Voltage Energy

All living things are either electron donors or stealers. The earth acts as an electromagnet, to give the body voltage via electrons through the Schumann resonance. This resonance volleys back and forth between the ionosphere and the earth. It serves as protection from the sun and nourishes life here on earth. It is essential for human health just like food, water, and oxygen are for the body. Furthermore the electromagnetic energy vibrates at the exact same frequency as the brain! Electrons travel from the earth to the body, (when barefoot) moving from higher to lower voltage. 

Electrons are also dispersed through alkaline water, unless fluoride or chlorine has been added to it. Another way to get electrons is through unprocessed food or slightly cooked foods. Raw foods carry much more voltage. Antioxidants are electron donors, capable of giving away electrons. Moving water, without chlorination, and the ocean are electron donors, but moving air such as a wind is an electron stealer. 

Voltage is passed through physical touch or hugs. The person, pet or tree with the higher voltage, will donate electrons to a person with lower voltage. The body can also acquire electrons and voltage from movement and exercise. Muscles act as piezoelectric crystals, giving off electrons. Just as a crystal emits voltage when squeezed, similarly, in the body, muscles become activated and recharge while engaged in exercise.  Other sources of electrons come from herbs and essential oils, acupuncture, acupressure, and homeopathic remedies.