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One summer my husband and I were on vacation in a climate quite a bit warmer than what we are used to.  We were in tour groups visiting the area with no way to really avoid the sun and heat, even though we had on hats, suntan lotion, and carried umbrellas. My husband has olive skin that never seems to ever burn like mine. But in the hot climate his face, arms and legs were a hot pink. After the repeated exposure, he noticed his sunburn had turned tan, but now he had a rash. It was hot and prickly and it burned. We used several creams and sunburn applications, but nothing seemed to help. We continued to have exposure to the brutal sun every day to continue on our expeditions. At first the rash went away overnight, but after several days, it persisted and spread, and we realized it had to be from the sun. 

The thing that really helped was a homeopathic remedy. Taking a dose of Cantharis 30C was like magic. With just one dose, the bumps and rash lessened and it was not so inflamed. We kept him on a course of this for several days. The Cantharis worked so well that the rash just faded and went away completely. To this day if we are going to spend any time out in the sun, the Cantharis comes with us.