Good Health- What Does it Really Mean?

When we are sick or injured we know exactly what we want. We want to feel good again, to not be sick; we want to get better, to be healthy. But what does that mean to be healthy? 

Good health is a result of what we eat, what we think, how we express emotions, what we feel, what we do and how we live. Our thoughts, actions, and choices make incremental changes in our way of life, dictating our current outlook and health. 

Making healthy choices is an ongoing process that leads to good health or poor health. We can start off with big goals, of exercising, eating right, getting our health back on track. We get up, do a spiritual contemplation, work out, have a shake and then we are off to work. When that becomes a routine, it can work really well. We can get used to feeling well rested, and having the right thoughts, and starting the day out fresh. 

If something happens that we are not quite prepared for, our goals can go out the window. If we don’t pay attention, our habits get side-tracked by our thoughts, food choices, environment, and the company we keep. We give ourselves a break; we compensate, perhaps we have a negative thought for that unfortunate event, or think we deserve a treat that isn’t in our body’s best interest because it was a stressful day. We feel sorry for ourselves and reward ourselves in ways that feel good for the moment, but may not be good for us in the long run. We skip our good habits and fall into a rut that may not be working for us. 

It’s like the person who wants to drown their sorrows in drink at the end of a stressful day who either doesn’t know or care how they will feel in the morning. Everything has consequences. Sometimes we just can’t see the connection of how are actions are influencing our present. In this case it is our health.

We have to begin anew to build the good health habits. Our bodies are our big life experiment. We have over three trillion cells, and more bacteria than we can count. We choose what to allow our body to experience by what we feed it, the kind of water we drink, how hard we work the body, what we think about, and the environment where we live. Our thoughts are affected by our emotions and we generate feelings from those emotions.  We cannot always choose what life brings to us, but we can choose how we respond to our life.

When we choose to follow a plan to good health, it leads to new choices, habits, and thoughts that change to accommodate this new lifestyle of good health. You might notice you feel better from the increased flexibility or home made food you are eating, or you don’t have as many headaches, dark moods, or aches and pains. You find new thoughts and new ideas come your way. New ways of being rewarded reinforce the new healthy habits.

It takes cells about 120 days to reproduce and copy over their new blueprint of being well. That way all the cells have the healthy blueprint, and not just some of them. Because it takes so long, it is best to stick to a program of taking a supplement, protocol, or herbal for about 3-4 months, if you are trying to uproot it. For someone who can ask the body, you can check to see what the body wants.

Do we ever get there? Do we get where we have good health and now we can stop? Since life is an increasing collection of our thoughts and understandings, we find ways to keep improving, to continue growing. There is always another step to take, to learn, to help others. That is the part of us that is creative, or divine. 

Good health is the process; it is taking the steps to becoming who we truly are.