Posts made in August, 2020

Bruises, Bumps and Tumbles

Posted By on Aug 31, 2020

As the end of summer creeps up on us, there are last minute trips to take, bike rides to pedal, and new experiences before everyone returns to school. While we would not want to expect that there are any accidents, sometimes things just happen. The best remedy for mishaps is well known, Arnica. For most injuries, or to recover from a hard day out on the trail, Arnica 30C will work. With a more serious injury, there is often more pain,...

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Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a holistic form of energy therapy that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques together with the modern concept of muscle testing. The idea is to look at the body as a whole and find places of stress and imbalance. Applied Kinesiology is a tool that connects the mind and body using the electromagnetic diagram that is imprinted on the body, known as the meridian system. It connects the structural,...

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Sprained Ankle, OH!

Posted By on Aug 7, 2020

Playing a game of softball, kickball, frisbee, or disk golf? You run only to twist and turn your ankle. All of the sudden sharp excruciating pain sends a jolt of electricity up through the body. What to do now?  Homeopathy to the rescue. The first thing to do for that shock and trauma is to take a dose of Aconite. I like to use Aconite as it works fast and I can think again without all the emotion that happens when there is a shock to...

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