Charlie Horse & Cramps

Posted By admin on Dec 31, 2020 |

If you ever get a charlie horse or a cramp in your leg after doing some kind of exercise, or just because, there is a simple solution. It’s a very easy fix. It just takes 4 pills of the cell salt Magnesium phosphate and add to a mug of hot water. Take a sip every minute or so until it is gone or gotten cold and voila! The cramps are gone too! This works great for muscle cramps, stomach cramps, spasms of any kind and even for menstrual cramps. I like to keep it in my drawer in case anyone needs it while at work. 

What are cell salts? They are vital trace mineral salts found in each cell that the cell needs to survive. If they are not present, then the cell does not function properly. For cramps, the cell salt is Magnesium phosphate!