Injury Recall

Have you been injured, either recently or long ago? There is a simple technique from Applied Kinesiology to release captured emotions or residue stuck in a muscle or organ from an injury. 

Muscles often retain the memory of an old injury and may cause even additional fatigue. Any injury can cause decreased flexibility, stiff muscles, and susceptibility to future injuries. 

A simple test can show if this technique is needed. This technique is often called for when muscles just will not stay strengthened. Injury Recall can restore an injured portion of the body to regain more flexibility and get rid of any residual stiffness that may still exist there.

Three things that cause the most damage are sprained ankles, mammograms and dental work, such as root canals. Each of these can be devastating on their own, let alone compounded together. Furthermore, releasing the tension from the spinal cord allows the body to have more overall flexibility which can be shown in a before and after demonstration of hip flexion. If you would like more information or a demo, please contact our office.