Just What Is Good Health?

Posted By admin on Feb 16, 2021 |

In order to survive, each and every cell needs voltage. Cells need voltage to maintain themselves, to gather new raw materials for making new cells, to repair any damage from injuries, and to remove toxins from the body. If voltage is too low, cells do not have enough energy to run all their processes. When there isn’t enough voltage, toxins build up, causing fatigue and pain. Therefore, having enough voltage is a basic component of good health.

Where do cells get voltage? The ultimate energy comes from the sun, which we need too. Cells get the most voltage from making new cells. Cells get voltage or energy from good water, clean food, food that hasn’t been processed or pasteurized, so it still has live enzymes. The body needs the right kinds of fats. The fats we must be of good enough quality so that the cell membranes are capable of transferring voltage.

Cells get voltage from the Earth that acts as an electromagnet. This means that the Earth can transfer electrons to our bodies, when barefoot and through Schumann resonances that come from the earth. We also get electrons from alkaline water (that has not been treated with fluoride or chlorine). 

Everytime a muscle is contracted, electrons are given off, just like in piezoelectric crystals. This means that exercise is a component of health! We increase our voltage when we exercise, thereby allowing our cells to maintain themselves and clean out the buildup of toxins. Besides being able to move about in space, we need to be able to move in patterns with our energies, that follow our meridians, or cross our midlines and move in ways that are exemplified in nature.

Another way we get voltage is through physical touch. Each person is a conductor. Electrons move from an area of high voltage to an area of low voltage. When we hug someone, we transfer voltage from person to person in an exchange that can be both comforting and nourishing in many ways. This is also true of when we work with plants, animals, some stones, and trees. Voltage is exchanged and with more flow, cells are able to make more cells and clear out old cells. Moreover we just feel good.

Not only do we have physical needs for good health, but we have emotional needs. Our thoughts and emotions affect how we feel and ultimately affect our health. The person who is content and happy with their life is generally much healthier. Therefore the right thoughts and emotions are also essential for good health.

Good health requires many things. Physically, cells need enough voltage for making new cells, and maintaining and cleaning out toxins for good health. We can gain energy through voltage in good food, water, sunlight, Schumann resonances, movement, exercise, and physical touch. Our thoughts and emotions are also key to good health. Keeping our energy flowing is a healthy way to live. Great health is a process, not just a goal and it takes constant vigilance to keep a body healthy.