Plantar Fasciitis

While we are in the midst of social distancing and self quarantining, one of the few ways to get out is to walk. You can still be out in nature and generally be away from people. But what happens if your foot becomes so sore, you cannot walk? It starts out as a cramp in the arch or the heel of the foot.  Then in the morning you wake up and you can hardly put any weight on your foot. You hobble to the bathroom, and after a little while, with a little bit of stretching it feels better. It settles down and you soon forget it happened. The next morning you wake up again, with barely being able to walk at all. Again it is stiff, but wears off as the day goes on. Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the band of muscle that attaches to the heel becomes inflamed, causing stiffness and sometimes incredible pain.

A few years ago, I had a job that had me on my feet most of the day, running up and down stairs, carrying my supplies with me and changing locations quite a bit each day. I was walking 2-3 miles in a relatively small area, moving back and forth. I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which had always been my good leg, never having sustained any injuries. I was dismayed as I realized I would not be able to exercise the way I wanted to strengthen my injured leg. Now, my good leg was injured too. I was not able to completely stay off of my foot, as I needed to work. I tried creams and all the exercises on the internet, to have some success, but not enough to make it go away. 

Homeopathy to the rescue! The protocol for plantar fasciitis is Symphytum officinale 200C taken with Rhus tox 30 C, twice a day. The treatment took a little time. I started having some relief in a week or so. Overall the amount of pain began to lessen and how long it lasted during the day also lessened. Then I began to have a few days without any pain. Eventually I forgot to take the remedies, and I forgot I had the ailment!

Overall, it took about 3-4 months to totally get rid of the plantar fasciitis. I was so grateful to be able to move again, to walk, run, and dance! As is often the case we don’t realize how precious our health or freedom of movement is, until it is gone. Thank goodness for homeopathy to have remedies that work without side effects!

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