What to Take When Traveling?

Posted By admin on Nov 16, 2020 |

Sometimes when you get up in the morning you feel just fine. As the day goes on all of the sudden you feel tired or run down. You start sneezing, have a runny nose, or scratchy throat. You feel like you are getting sick. Sometimes you just can’t back home fast enough to retrieve a remedy to stop an ailment. Even on short trips, there is an easy way to carry a small packet in your bag or backpack.  This is where Coldcalm comes to the rescue, and is easily kept in your bag. 

Coldcalm is a homeopathic remedy for the very first signs of a cold or flu. Even if you don’t know if it is a cold or the flu, Coldcalm by Boiron, is an excellent choice. It treats the beginnings of a cold or flu before it becomes too much for the body to handle.

It comes in a blister pack that is easy to keep in your purse and snap out when needed. The directions suggest taking a dose of one pill every 15 minutes for the first hour as soon as you feel a cold coming on. And for being away from home, it is always nice to know you can stave off a cold at the first sign of sneezing or a runny nose.