Temporal Tap for Emotional Release

Do you ever feel like you are under an emotional cloud and you just can’t seem to snap out of it? Sometimes a dramatic event or grief can keep our emotions stuck in place so that we can’t separate what is caused by the emotions and what is our real life. The more we try, the more enmeshed they seem to become. When this happens there is a simple way to check in with the body from Applied Kinesiology, known as the Temporal Tap.

First you want to come up with an affirmation of what you would like to experience. This can be something like…”I am healthy, happy, and full of love.”  Or it could be “I am healthy, happy, and accept unconditional love for all life.” The statement should always be written in present tense.

Hold the ring finger to the thumb. Then with the two remaining fingers (index and middle finger) tap around the ear starting from the top while saying your affirmation. Repeat this two more times. 

Next, with eyes closed, make a counterclockwise circle with the eyes while tapping and saying the affirmation. Repeat this while tapping in a clockwise direction with the eyes still closed. Next, repeat this with the eyes opened in both directions.

This whole process is a little trippy, and can make you feel a little dizzy and uncoordinated.  However, it really shakes up the emotional body and can reset those emotions and feelings, giving you a new place to start from. If later in the day you find yourself falling back into that emotional abyss, just repeat the exercise above. You’ll find it becomes easier and unravels the many layers of the emotions.

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