Bruises, Bumps and Tumbles

As the end of summer creeps up on us, there are last minute trips to take, bike rides to pedal, and new experiences before everyone returns to school. While we would not want to expect that there are any accidents, sometimes things just happen. The best remedy for mishaps is well known, Arnica. For most injuries, or to recover from a hard day out on the trail, Arnica 30C will work. With a more serious injury, there is often more pain, and a higher potency may be necessary, such as Arnica 200C.

For years I worked full time as a biology teacher and came home to a family, prepared dinner, and then I was off to ballet classes and rehearsal. We had class 3 to 4 times a week, and 6-8 hour rehearsals on Saturdays.  I participated in a small community ballet company performing children’s ballets throughout the city and state. I think back to how I could do all that and still have energy to work, and to be with my family? 

My secret weapon was Arnica. After a long evening class or practice. I would just take some Arnica to relax those tired muscles. Usually within minutes only one dose would do the job, and I was no longer sore. Even if I overdid some jump, or my toes were bruised and red, I would take one dose on the way home and another dose before bed. By morning, I would even forget I had been sore! I will always remember how Arnica saved the day. Arnica is the first go-to remedy for pain, injuries to soft tissues, and head injuries.

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