Overdo the Holiday?

Gosh it was so great to get outside and see everyone on July 4th while social distancing. Although many places are still closed or limited, the holiday was quite festive, just in much smaller groups. All over the neighborhood, the scent of BBQ’s filled the air. The food smelled so delicious. There were so many choices from burgers and chicken, to BBQ ribs. Who can stop at only trying one? Before long you get that feeling of being full. That doesn’t even count the desserts that everyone brought. By the time the night was over, I knew I was in trouble. I was stuffed. And today I am still full. Is there a solution for this predicament? Yes indeed!

Nux vomica is just the thing you need when you indulge just a little too much. It is good for too much chocolate, too much food, like chicken, burgers and ribs, or the three types of potato salad, or for all those brownies, cakes, and the blackberry pie.  Nux vomica even works for hangovers when you’ve had a little too much to drink.

Nux vomica is the traveler’s remedy. It is also good for jet lag and constipation. So the next time you over indulge, you don’t have to suffer the whole next day. You just need to remember to take Nux vomica, and before long you’ll be back to feeling better.

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