Summer Bug Bites

With summer coming, everyone gets bug bites. Bug bites can itch, sting, swell up, and just be down right  uncomfortable. Say your child has been outside playing and comes running in crying and holding their arm. “Mom, I got an owee” You see a bright red blotch on your child, and now it is time to get out your homeopathic first aid kit. You wash your child’s arm and inspect it more closely seeing that it is some kind of bug bite. For bug bites the homeopathic remedy is Ledum 30C. Offer it every 15 minutes or more until you witness improvement. 

Ledum can be used for insect bites and stings, especially with lots of swelling or inflammation, animal bites, black eyes, bleeding or bruises, and puncture wounds. Ledum is a wonderful remedy that can clear up pain, swelling and fear of infection. One sign of healing is that the child or adult will relax and may fall asleep. Falling asleep is a good sign of having the correct remedy.  If you want to apply a salve for itching, use calendula cream. It soothes the area, and acts as a disinfectant. Easy solutions for everyday issues.

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