What Can Frequencies Do For Me? Part 1

Posted By admin on Sep 5, 2020 | 20,472 comments

Albert Einstein said that everything is made of energy. Energy is movement of electrons, negatively charged particles. Every time a chemical reaction occurs in the body, a small amount of electrical current is generated to perform bodily functions. The body uses electric currents for the brain to communicate to and from the nerves, for digestive processes, and for the heart to pump. Electric and magnetic fields also affect voltages and currents in the body. What if we apply frequencies for better health?

Everything on the planet has a frequency or signature. The body has energy centers and pathways that connect to every muscle and organ as well as the nerves. When these centers are blocked or obstructed, energy is impeded and cannot flow. This causes pain, discomfort or affects the ability of the organ or muscle to run efficiently. In turn this affects how we feel, our mental and emotional state, of whether we are sad, or happy for the freedom of what we accept is our right to be content.

We already know each cell has an optimal frequency in which it operates. It is also known that we have more current or electricity when we have more negative ions or charged electrons. The body gains the most current when we can make new cells.  When there is not enough current, we become ill or are in pain. So the question is how do we acquire enough current to produce enough charge to make new cells?