Stiff Neck?

Do you ever wake up having a stiff neck from having the fan on all night? These hot evenings beg for having cool air blow across you so that you can relax and go to sleep. Or maybe it’s from the open window, from the breeze blowing on you all night long. But in the morning, you wake up with a stiff neck. Yikes! You rub those shoulder and neck muscles, but it lingers. It feels like you just can’t get going, no matter how much you massage those pesky shoulders and neck muscles. But no worries, there is a quick fix for this!  

First, turn your head from side to side to see how far it will go, just for gauging.  This is the basis to compare with. Now, starting at the top of the ears and going down, rub the outside edge of your ears, like you are slowly unrolling a curled piece of paper ribbon on a package. Feels good, right? Repeat this two more times. It is so relaxing and calming.

Now, check again for how far you can turn your head. Oh my gosh, there is a change! Not only can you turn your head more, but ear rolling also helps with energy! If you feel a twinge of that stiff neck coming back, just repeat.

You now have a quick and simple way to help relieve a stiff neck and get just a little more energy.

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