Splinters, Ouch What’s Stuck?

Just while you’re happily working away, you pick up something made of wood and you feel a stab of pain from your hand or finger. Little kids will immediately suck on their finger to try and force out that splinter, but older folks will squeeze it tight, trying to see exactly where it is, to push it out. Of course, the first thing one should do is to clean the area. A warm application can even soothe the area and draw out that splinter. 

In homeopathy the remedy to keep on hand for splinters is Silica 30C. Silica works for minor injuries where a foreign object is embedded in the skin, or something is caught in the throat. Take this remedy up to four times a day until it is very much better, for about two weeks. As wonderful as Silica is, there are no worries for implants. Silica does not act on implants or dislodge them from their proper place.

 I learned the power of Silica when I noticed a fierce itching sensation in my leg where I had previously had surgery over three years ago.  A new small hard bump had formed on an old scar that I hadn’t noticed before. Within about two days, a small piece of black nylon thread surfaced and came out. When looking back at what had caused this remarkable surfacing, I realized the Silica caused this foreign object to rise to the surface of the body and expel it. The physical body is amazing when the proper remedy is given!

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