How to Pick the Best Remedy?

Posted By admin on Jul 17, 2020 | 22,956 comments

How do you know whether you have the correct or best homeopathic remedy? Portland Homeopathy uses  Banerji Protocol remedies that have been used for over 150 + years. The Banerjis are Medical Doctors as well as being certified in Homeopathy. They have a free and public clinic in India, and keep fastidious records of all the people who walk through the door. With the assistance of 10 doctors in their clinic, they see over 1000 patients per day. Collecting data from one thousand patients per day, 6 days a week, times 52 weeks a year amounts to seeing 312,000 cases seen every year. That accumulates a lot of data. The Banerjis developed first line protocols that work for 80% of the people, second line protocols for the next 15% and third line protocols that work for the last 5% of the population. 

If there is not a Banerji Protocol, or you want to check if there is an alternative remedy, how do you pick a remedy? The easiest and best way is to match the patient or person with the ailment, is to find a remedy that has the same characteristics. In homeopathy, we use a Repertory to choose which remedies are recommended for an ailment, and then a Materia Medica to hone in on which remedy has the most significant qualities that match the symptoms experienced by the person with that ailment.

As with any medical condition, if you have any concerns about the severity of your illness, consult with your physician as it may first require medical diagnosis and/or intervention and monitoring. You can always take homeopathic remedies on the way to the doctor or emergency room, and if they are not working by the time you get there, you can always go in the door.