How Do We Make More Current in the Body? Part 2

Posted By admin on Sep 5, 2020 | 6,696 comments

Frequency is made by making more current in the body. In the case of our bodies, we need negative ions to make current. Foods that are alkaline have more current. Alkaline water can provide charge, or being near moving water such as the ocean or streams can provide negative ions. We get negative ions from thunderstorms. Walking on the grass or sand gives us access to Schumann resonances, in which the earth acts as an electromagnet, giving the body voltage. We get voltage from exercise where muscles act as piezoelectric crystals, and most of all hugs, where each person gives or receives charged particles. We can also get current from body work of acupuncture, acupressure, Qigong, and homeopathy.

Frequency machines such as Tens units can change the voltage of an area on the body or whole body by running small electrical signals through the body. In this way, we use Healy devices to enhance the body so it can heal itself, by awakening those forgotten frequencies of good health. When changing frequencies to increase health, most of the time, the body needs to be “reminded” more than once. A gentle healing takes the body time to change, just as it did when it became unbalanced.

When the body and field are affected with positive or healthy frequencies the body can change. Sometimes it changes very quickly and sometimes it is slower. After all, when we have a revelation of the heart, our lives can change drastically, or we can shift in a slower manner, sometimes not noticing the minute changes that happen each day. Changing frequencies means not only changing the mind’s idea about oneself, but also shifting the much more clay-like substance of the body. It can take longer for the body to adjust and need more reminders of its new level of acceptance. 

Some of the first things my clients experience from using frequency healing are small changes of better sleep, or having clearer thinking every three days instead of once a week, and progressing to having clear thinking most days of the week. There may be a reduction of pain over two weeks time. Or perhaps they are more comfortable now so that they can rest in one position instead of trying to find their way through the relentless restlessness for that perfect position that will let them fall back asleep. I, myself, found that a previous surgery on a knee from over five years ago now has newly activated muscles that enabled the knee to work more efficiently and with no pain! When adding frequencies is the only thing that you changed in your life, each one of these changes is a small miracle.